Emily Walter

Emily Walter is a spiritual and intuitive guide, committed to helping others feel more fulfilled  by their lives. Regardless of your area of struggle, her mission is to help you understand and effectively work with your own thoughts and feelings, thereby becoming more connected to your intuition. She believes that greater emotional understanding leads to greater self-awareness, and great self-awareness leads to true empowerment.

Emily is a certified Intuitive Eating coach, a certified yoga instructor, an advocate of holistic health, and passionate about getting to the (often subconscious) root cause of any issue. In addition to her love of all subjects spiritual, metaphysical and emotional, Emily has been clairvoyant and energetically sensitive for her entire life. She is highly attuned to vortex energy, has intensely vivid dreams including premonitions, sees orbs of light and spirits, as well as auras.

By combining her inherent passions and abilities, Emily created her business: The Ethereal Oracle. Her services include general guidance sessions, tarot readings, and aura readings coming soon! Whether you would like to turn your life around completely or are just seeking some quick, intuitive answers, Emily is ready to help.

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