Eileen Carlotto

Facilitator:  Cape Ann Science of Spirituality & Meditation

Services:  Cape Ann Science of Spirituality & Meditation

Business Phone:  (978) 281-7253

Email Address: efaithone@yahoo.com

Eileen Carlotto, a Middle School Art teacher, has been a student of meditation for over 28 years.  She has been to India many times to deepen her practice and has been sharing the Jyoti meditation techniques as instructed by her spiritual Master, His Holiness Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj. Eileen has 2 children and practices the art of balancing spiritual practices and leading a full, integrated life.

Mark and Eileen Carlotto run the Cape Ann Meditation program at 222 Community Wellness Center as well as giving talks on Jyoti Meditation throughout the Boston area. Go to www.sos.org  to learn about His Holiness Sant Rajinder Singh

Meditation is stress relief and relaxation. It’s enhanced creativity and a greater sense of wellbeing. But it’s much more than that. It’s the practice of turning your attention inward, of rising above the chatter of the mind and getting in touch with who you really are, your true self. We will practice Jyoti meditation, a technique that focuses on the inner Light. There will be plenty of time for questions and discussions to help you begin your own meditation practice.