Lakshmi Linda Sirois

Lakshmi Linda Sirois
Counselor, LMHC, BC-DMT, KRIC


  • Facilitator for Cape Ann Red Tent Women’s Circle
  • Counseling for Depression, Trauma/PTSD, Anxiety and more (based in Ipswich)

Lakshmi Linda Sirois has been nurtured as a participant of Red Tents and now wants to give back as a facilitator. She has experience co-facilitating an annual women’s circle at 5 DNE camps.

Each month, close to the new moon, all women are invited to come as you are, wearing red is optional, to our “Red Tent.” Our Cape Ann Red Tent Women’s Circle is a sacred, safe, supportive space created to honor you and all women, in every cycle of life. Gather, meet, reflect, share, uplift, be you, and come and go as you please. For an hour or so there will be a facilitated sharing circle when each woman will share; be seen, heard, and accepted. Usually we will also be nurtured and nurished by tea and chocolates, and sometimes soup or fruit.

Learn more about the Rent Tent movement here:

As a LMHC and Expressive Arts Therapist for 24+ years, she also provides a safe space for clients to be, accept and uncover their true selves, to create a more fulfilling life.

Are you stressed by life, overwhelming feelings, illness, relationships,and/or lack of connection to others/Self/God? I meet you just as you are, with presence, compassion, and hope. I help shine a light of awareness onto patterns you no longer want. I help you befriend your shadow – the parts of yourself you don’t yet accept. I join with you in a therapeutic relationship to increase connection and acceptance. I work with my clients to find the light at the end of the tunnel by creating new patterns and a more fulfilling, authentic, empowered and present life.

I offer many options for wellness as a LMHC, an Expressive Arts Psychotherapist, a Tapping (EFT) Practitioner, and a Certified Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Instructor. I provide psychotherapy using; verbal, dance/movement, art, music, drama, journal, and dream therapy techniques. My specialty is Authentic Movement – a witnessed moving meditation.

I will help you to: decrease your negative and critical thoughts; embody, express and decrease the intensity of your emotions; and be more grounded and present. I work holistically, uniting mind, body and spirit. I will see you as a unique individual with human emotions while honoring our spiritual Oneness.

For additional information on the Cape Ann Rent Tent Women’s Circle, visit their Meetup page:

To speak with Lakshmi about Rent Tent or her counseling services based in Ipswich, call 978-903-3071.