Mental & Emotional Care Services

Emotional and mental health holds the key to one’s physical health. Stress, anxiety, lack of sleep, reduced energy, and even depression can result in physical illness. These states of being can easily be brought on by the challenges and chronic stressors we face on a daily basis. Our highly trained and experienced staff will compassionately and actively listen to help you find an answer that is right for you. Together we’ll find a way to ease these pressures, build resilience, and help you regain emotional and mental vibrancy, clarity, and a sense of tranquility.

  • Psychotherapy: Individual, Couples, and Group, Internal Family Systems (IFS), Aging, Addictions, Men’s Counseling, Non-religious Spiritual Counseling
    Now taking Blue Cross Blue Shield of MA (BCBSMA)

  • Grief Counseling: Find support, compassionate guidance, and a safe haven for self-expression and an honoring of your own unique grief process.
  • True Purpose, Dream Work and Empowerment Coaching: These processes can be used together or separately to help you experience true inner harmony. You will come to know, love and appreciate all parts of your beautiful divine being. We are well-known for our ability to help people deepen their connection with their sleeping dreams and waking life stories as a way to receive trusted insight and guidance.
  • Kinesiology, Muscle Testing, Medicine Wheel: Clear intentions create momentum. Delve into the art of self-inquiry (Socratic Inquiry) to clarify your goals and align them with your deepest yearnings. Use muscle testing to support the process of intention-setting and in revealing your limiting beliefs which may be blocking access to your goals. Finally, utilize the medicine wheel to align your personal process with your goals and deepen self-awareness.
  • Psychic & Spiritual Readings, Past Life Readings: Find the answers you seek. Readings involve energy work and open communication and scanning many aspects of your life. Your past lives can influence your present and future…find out if health issues are being influenced or if closure can be provided for "tough to talk about" life events. Emotional traumas, fear, anxiety, etc., can be explained dispelled and healed, changing your outlook on your life for optimal well-being.

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