Lori Strolin, LICSW
(978) 381-3612

Specializing in:

  • Counseling
  • Yoga | Mindfulness Classes
  • End of Life Planning | Grief Work
  • Health Care Consulting

Lori Strolin, LICSW, created the Bold Embrace Method to encourage clients to be brave in saying “Yes” to their highest and best selves; supporting clients in uncovering, owning and transforming the things that cause distress. Lori integrates mindfulness, yoga, spirituality, and clinical training, with 20 years experience in health care/ medical social work, trauma and end of life skills.  Lori also serves as facilitator for couples, seeking to deepen their intimacy or delving into alternative relationship styles. The Bold Embrace Method is deeply supportive, insightful, challenging, client driven,  goal oriented, and solution focused.