Joan has over 25 years of experience working as a Specialized Kinesiologist and Teacher of the Seneca Wolf Clan Philosophy. She earned her BA, Specialization in Counseling Psychology, at Lesley University in Cambridge, MA. She draws upon and integrates the theories of the medicine wheel, transpersonal and developmental psychologies, and utilizes the methods of kinesiology, TCM, movement, and Mindfulness, as practical applications of theory. She offers private sessions and group sessions to support Self-awareness and empowerment, and teaches kinesiology and medicine wheel philosophy as coursework.


“As an individual dedicated to empowering others through teaching skills of self-inquiry, I engage with my clients in a mutual process of discovering their own unique strengths and talents. Using focused intention, we learn where an individual needs to align, perceptually and emotionally, with what they plan to accomplish in their life. My own process inspired me to integrate the theories I had learned as they follow the stages of an individual’s development, in the light of their essence, or personal “medicine”. In addition, I employ kinesiology, a.k.a. muscle-testing, to provide a physical barometer to expose clients’ self-imposed limitations. Using a myriad of energy moving tools, from movement to focused -based practice, we re-align their thoughts with their goals.”


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