Gretchen Fitzpatrick

Gretchen Fitzpatrick is a Registered Nurse, a Master Level Reiki Practitioner, Medium and Intuitive.

Reiki Energy is very powerful Life Force Energy, brought to the client through Gretchen’s hands. This universal energy activates natural healing in order to restore physical and emotional well-being. Gretchen has a gentle touch, as she scans your energy, placing her hands directly on your body or off of your body in the energy field surrounding you. Moving her hands along energetic pathways…this energy work can bring forth infinite possibilities. Done fully clothed, in a relaxed state.

Spiritual Reading: What is happening in your world? This reading involves energy work and open dialogue between Gretchen and the client throughout the session, addressing all kinds of issues. This type of reading looks into all aspects of you…past, present…even touching on the future. What is happening in your life? Are you experiencing health issues? Are you experiencing emotional traumas…fear, anxiety? If there is unsettled energy around you…we can dispel that…allowing fresh energy to fill in to promote well-being. If there are spirits around you…we can communicate with them, thereby bringing greater insight into your world. “By sensing your body, spirit attendants, past lives, present situations…together we can spawn change for optimal well-being.”

As a Medium, Gretchen can communicate with the spirits who are around you; be it spirit attendants, deceased relatives or friends. This can be eye opening. We are really not alone. This can bring comfort, it can help heal wounds and bring closure to circumstances.

Past life readings can address wounds/issues from previous lifetimes that present in this lifetime. Anxieties and fears can be addressed bringing forth healing. Past life readings can be fun; seeing where you have been, things you have done, who you are connected to, why you are here in this lifetime…this type of reading can bring forth a complacency of who you are…it is empowering.

phone: 978 270-2049