Ed Powers

Ed Powers, Licensed Psychotherapist, LMHC

Ed knows that one of the most difficult things in life is to ask for help. He understands that most of us avoid it at all costs; it’s too threatening to our self-concept. Paradoxically, it is one of the most powerful things we can do. With this in mind, he provides his clients a safe space to experience the best psychotherapy can offer: the opportunity for confession, illumination, education, and transformation. We often carry resentment, anger/rage, fears, shame, and guilt as burdens that can erupt unexpectedly in behavior we often later regret and can’t adequately explain.

Ed Powers brings a diverse background in teaching, business, and psychology to psychotherapy. He also offers IFS Therapy which can help unburden the parts of us that cause recurring troublesome behavior that is driven by fear, anger, guilt, and shame preventing us from living fully and effectively in the present.

Ed specializes in:

  • Psychotherapy for Individuals, Couples, and Groups
  • IFS (Internal Families Systems Therapy)
  • Individual, Couples and Group Therapy
  • Depression, Anxiety, Addictions, Spiritual Counseling, Men’s Issues

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Contact Ed: 978-430-9965 / edpglouc@gmail.com