Sacred Motherhood
December 9, 2017 @ 10:00 am – 1:00 pm
By Donation
Katie O'Day

Sacred Motherhood meets the second Saturday of every month in Gloucester at the 222 Community Wellness Center.

Pregnant mamas are encouraged to join us at 10AM for our Sacred Pregnancy Circle. We will have a time of tea and socializing at 11:30AM after the Circle closes.

Mothers and babies in arms are encouraged to join us at 11:30 to begin with tea and socializing before we begin our Sacred Motherhood Circle at noon. Please eat lunch before you come. Attendance is by donation. Give what you can. None are turned away. All are welcomed.

Sacred Pregnancy Circle – 10 AM

Nurtured by Katie O’Day, fellow mother and midwife
In today’s western cultures, the typical pregnancy focuses on the baby to the exclusion of the woman herself, so that the entire pregnancy becomes more about preparing for the baby’s arrival than looking closely at oneself to prepare emotionally for the changes that creating a new life brings. Sacred Pregnancy Circles are a wonderful way to prepare for the amazing journey of becoming a mother, through self-reflection, personal growth, play and sisterhood that is created in community. Once you’ve delivered, you can join the Sacred Motherhood Circle to continue your connection and conscious mothering.

Sacred Motherhood Circle – 12 PM

Nurtured by Param Sevak Kaur Khalsa, fellow mother and Kudalini yogi
Created by and for women committed to fanning the soul spark while mothering their children and ultimately the world, the Sacred Motherhood Circle offers women anywhere on the path of motherhood an invitation to dive deep and tend their inner flame. Each circle gathering delves into a topic that speaks to the eternal, sacred seed within all women. Together, we cultivate mindful mothering, enhance daily and yearly rhythms within the home, and nurture Sacred Motherhood practices that keep mamas lit up! We awaken Shakti and encourage sisterhood. We tap our inner worlds through ceremony, writing, movement, song, beauty and solo time. Join us for a taste of this sweet connection and then choose to dive deeper into the world of Sacred Mothering with occasional day-long retreats! Babes in arms are always welcome.

Sacred Motherhood Circles