Grace Harrington Murdoch

Grace has been practicing energy work for over 7 years, combining various types of energy work to assist the body into remembering it’s wholeness.

Some of her current passions are utilizing Astrology to help heal and remember the true self, combined with Flower essences to gently move out any  imbalance.

She was recently trained to work with Lyme disease through the medium of Flower essences which can be very effective tools to release the root cause of this illness.

She also loves working with children and combining Flower essences and gentle energy work to relieve anxiety or stress.

Her other passion is teaching healing work. She offers regular Reiki trainings, Crystal healing classes, Astrology classes, the Munay Ki rites and training, as well as classes on Essential oils and Polarity Yoga.

Her energy healing background includes Jin Shin Jyutsu , Polarity therapy, RYSE03, and Reiki.

It is her joy to serve you!

Her phone is: 978-473-7445

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