Caren Morningstar

Caren Morningstar is, at her essence, an affirming healer and nurturer. She is loving, caring and present with her students and clients; there is nothing more sacred to her than inspiring others to recognize their own brilliant inner light.

She became certified with Mercedes Longfellow, a Guatemalan Shaman, as a Reiki Master in 1996, studied Polarity extensively at the Palmer Institute, Hands-On-Healing with Hawaiian, Lani Leary at Omega Institute and attended a four day intensive with Barbara Brennan, author of Hands of Light.

“I’ve always liked to give to others. When I am in a private session with a client, it provides me the opportunity, to listen deeply to the words my clients share before they get on the table, and to be a channel of spiritually guided life force energy during the table work. It is a way of being of service that is very sacred.”

Clients feel more peaceful. The energy has its own intelligence and can positively shift matters of the body, mind and spirit.

Under the tutelage of many Yoga teachers of varying styles, Caren became particularly enamored with Kripalu Yoga, taught to her by Nancy Long. It was in the spirit of that Yoga style, 30 years ago, that she began teaching what became, over time, Gentle Transformation Yoga. Caren’s classes are gentle, inner-focused, incorporating full body stretch, conscious breath, and mindfulness. For the final 15 minutes of the class, she pauses next to each student and offers delicate, loving touch to the head and face, leads a guided visualization and healing journey that ends as she plays a crystal singing bowl and sings angelically. She and her students leave the class refreshed and more balanced, quieter and more self-affirming than when they first arrived.