Sarah Gauthier


I have been practicing massage and studying different forms of energy work for the last 15 years. Along with practicing these modalities, I have been committed to my own personal spiritual path of oneness and truth.  In the practicing and studying of all of these things I realize that there is one universal healer that we all possess and it is the power of LOVE in our lives. I believe that there is nothing that cannot be healed if we have the willingness to go there. We are all made in the image of our creator and of love.

With these realizations, a massage has evolved that really works on several different levels. It is a physical massage that feels wonderful and releases the tensions that we carry around with us as a result of resistance. At the same time that it is physical I focus my attention on the light and love that we all are, and the magnitude of that realization in healing. Anything is possible when you open your mind up to the miracles that are here for you.

I look forward to working with all those that are drawn to my words.


Sarah E. Gauthier

LMT, RPP, Light Worker