Mary Ellen Kullgren

Mary Ellen Kullgren brings 17 years of bodywork experience to the table, supported by her massage certification (2004), yoga teacher certification (2000) and Masters degree in School counseling (2002)

Our bodies have a truly miraculous capacity to heal and self regulate.
But sometimes like the best of us, your body hurts.

Despite all your best efforts at managing it, your back hurts; your head hurts; you’ve got pains in your neck (both literal and figurative!);  You’re off kilter and need help righting the boat.

If you want support, it would be my honor to serve you and collaborate with your healing.
My deepest intention is to help you feel better and together steer the course, by offering educated, experienced, mindful, intuitive massage therapy.

My clients can tell you better than I can. If you’d like, take a look at the testimonials on my website (