Practice Name: Wellness By Choice

Owner / President:  Mary Grazen-Browne Med., RHNP

Services:   Registered Nutritionist, Lifestyle and Wellness Coach

Business Phone:   (978) 283-0591

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Reg. Holistic Nutritionist/Certified Professional Health and Wellness Coach

Mary is a registered Holistic Nutritionist and a certified Professional Wellness Coach. Functional nutrition combined with lifestyle skills empowers individuals in the process of their own healing and self care management. Using coaching techniques to assist in behavior change results in healthy life long habits.

For the past thirty years Mary has shared tools to support individuals, groups and businesses, from teens to seniors, in their journey of optimum health and lifestyle practices. Through sound nutritional, movement, relaxation and mindfulness practices, she approaches each person as an individual with specific needs.

Special areas of interest: weight management, digestive concerns, food sensitivities, nutrition education and lifestyle choices.

She works with individuals (in person or via telephone), small groups and engages audiences at speaking engagements.

Advanced training beyond undergraduate (BS in Ed.) and graduate studies (MEd.) include:

  • Certifed Whole Health Educator; National Institute of Whole Health, Boston
  • Registered Nutritional Practitioner; Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, Ontario
  • Certified Professional Health and Wellness Coach; Wellcoaches, Boston
  • Certified Lifestyle Consultant, Metagenics
  • Reiki II
  • Yoga Instructor