Brandies Conroy

Although relatively new to our 222 community, Brandeis brings a wealth of experience to her bodywork practice and our healing space. As she closes in on nearly two decades as a bodyworker, Brandeis employs techniques seated in deep tissue massage, myofascial release, Structural Integration, relaxation as well as Reiki. She has helped a wide range of clients including professional musicians, executives, students, competitive equestrians and many more.

In addition to her bodywork practice, Brandeis has integrated her love of health and wellness into her independent business with EVER Skincare. As a founding Associate Director with the company, Brandeis offers personal consultations (either in-office or home visits) where she is able to customize products based on an individual’s skin type and concerns. Suitable for all skin types, ethnicities and genders, EVER is the first skincare line that is both safe (following the strict EU (European Union) guidelines regarding ingredient safety) and offers clinical-grade results.

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