Group Classes Available at 222 Community Wellness

You are guaranteed a nurturing space in which to take care of your body and relax your mind. Enjoy these classes all taught in our beautiful yoga room with radiant-heated cork floor, surrounded by sunny windows with lush views of flora and frequent faun visits of birds, rabbits, and deer

  • Yoga: Experience our yoga classes at any level of experience. Yoga delivers many benefits to those that regularly include this practice in their lives. Over time and with consistent practice, yoga can create strength, awareness, and harmony in both mind and body. You’ll be gently guided to enjoy your body’s movements, discovering how your body works in relationship to the poses. The combination of conscious breathing exercises (pranayama) and the meditative poses that gently stretch and strengthen muscles (Asana) is a tonic to all body systems, consequently aiding in better management of daily stress while creating a more positive outlook on life.
  • Relax & Lengthen™: The Relax & Lengthen Yoga™ Classes are a system of self-care created by Margi Green, CNMT, and include gentle, conscious stretching, self-massage, and postural and ergonomic instruction. Increase body awareness and learn to release areas of muscle tension with guided relaxation. Relieve your pain, reduce your stress, and learn to live in your body with greater ease.
  • Authentic Movement 3-hour Workshops: Authentic Movement is…creative play, self-exploration, and moving meditation, a practice of listening deeply to the body’s impulses and following them into movement and stillness. It enhances our range of movement possibilities, builds our capacity to move mindfully, and strengthens our ability to witness ourselves and others with presence and compassion.Movement periods are completed with writing, drawing, and group sharing as a way of deepening connection between group members and bridging the dialogue between the inner and outer worlds.

    For further information and registration, please contact Laura Hays.

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