We know that any individual is made up of many parts—physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual. And that life can often throw us some challenges which leave us feeling stuck and not in the healthiest places. Our coaches—from Lifestyle to Nutrition to Career to Life to overall Wellness—are trained not only to help you through the tough spaces, but to help you create the most positive situation for you and allow you to fully live and achieve the best expression of Self.

  • Personal & Workplace Wellness: Personal programs are designed to be a partnership that empowers you to take charge of your health, reduce your stress, and create a customized plan of nutritional and physical well-being. Workplace programs help small or large companies develop healthier employees and work environments. Healthy, happy employees have less stress, less sick days, and are infinitely more productive!
  • Nutrition: Improve your health by identifying any food/chemical sensitivities. Manage your weight and prevent diabetes through custom programs that combine nutrition and physical activity. First Line Therapy, an integrative lifestyle program for disease prevention and reversal, for individuals concerned about heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, chronic fatigue, hormonal imbalance, osteoporosis, or stress-related symptoms.
  • Career, Dreams, Life Purpose, Belief Transformation and Inner Harmony: Transform outdated beliefs and find your way to manifest the life you want. Discover your life purpose or create a plan to realize your life dreams. Identify the types of work and career path that will be most satisfying and successful for you. Improve your chances of landing the job you want by creating a compelling resume and interviewing strategies and improving your job search skills. Happiness and inner harmony are waiting for you once you set yourself on your true path.
  • Parenting: Find peace and harmony in your family. Supported by a lot of compassion and understanding, you’ll discover constructive ways to address familial situations that may be causing you some concern, assist you in identifying your goals, and help you in designing a plan to attain them.
  • Creative Writing & Writing for Helping Professions: Discover, explore and enhance your unique ability for creative expression. Whether you want to write to discover aspects of yourself and insight into your relationships, or you are looking for targeted instruction and writing support, our workshops and programs are designed to enhance creativity, provide insight, and allow for a rich expression of self in a supportive environment.
  • Sound & Soul: Integrative Coaching, Counseling, and Healing is a practice that integrates voice coaching, Reiki, sound healing, and shamanic counseling and healing to assist you in experiencing the true freedom, power, and pleasure of your voice. Sound healing is used to affect change in one’s well-being.

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