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Annette Dion



What’s coming up in your relationships, career, family and finances? Who were you in past lives?

Annette has been doing spiritual counseling for nearly two decades.

Her intuitive sessions are uncannily accurate, accompanied by a sense of kindness, warmth and humor that puts her clients at ease immediately.

Annette’s gifts enable her to access specific information about what is going on in your life.  She offers a safe space, free from judgment or opinions, giving you direct, accurate advice in all areas.

Having been through challenging life situations, Annette can relate to difficulties.  In her own experience she has found that tough times have a purpose; to push her to rely fully on the Divine.  There truly is no problem that that cannot be solved, and no obstacle too great to overcome.  We are always being helped.

During a session you will experience an elevated awareness of this Truth. You will gain an expanded view and greater insights into your past and present circumstances.

Annette sees you are the embodiment of the Divine and helps you to get to and stay in that place of aliveness, well-being and possibility each and every day!  She is a loyal, wise friend and counselor who always has your best and highest interests at heart, lighting the way to the bright future that is in store for you.

Annette Dion Spiritual Counseling