Jillian Blaisdell

Jillian Blaisdell,
Licensed Massage Therapist

  • Specializing in Swedish, deep tissue, hot stone, and prenatal massage
  • Graduate of the Polarity Realization Institute, 2000
  • Insured member of Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (ABMP)

I have been extremely fortunate over the years to be able to grow and learn in my career. Being a massage therapist is an extension of who I am as a whole, it has given me meaning and value. In recent years I have become more reflective as to the experience that massage gives, not just to a person receiving but to myself as well. Massage provides us with both physical and emotional balance and has many proven and profound benefits. I believe that understanding the importance of massage is an essential part of realizing the contribution and lasting effects it can have on a person’s health. 

By embracing massage as a vital part of your self care you will be investing in your overall health and well being!